Antalya Fleet Leasing

What is Fleet Leasing ?

Fleet leasing, instead of buying the company's passenger cars is a service package that you can rent at favorable conditions and long-term.

Fleet leasing services

  • Connect your company's capital
  • Without the hassle of purchase financing
  • To deal with the resale of your vehicle

I would rate an effective and economically efficient option.

This, as well as the registration plate, insurance, taxes and maintenance, management of all operational tasks such as repairs requiring time and labor are included in the rental.

If you need even a single car can benefit from fleet rental service, you have gained your degree at an affordable cost with unmatched vehicle purchase. your benefits will not be limited to the scope of the service cycle, you will have many privileges as long as you use your vehicle.

Fleet Leasing Benefits

Financial Benefits

  • Instead of fixed and variable costs for vehicles with regular rental fee cash flow it can be planned effectively,
  • Budgeting benefits are provided,
  • Necessary investments and credit lines for the purchase of tools when evaluating its core business, reduced financing costs,
  • Lease payments are deductible expenses can be written and paid KDV,
  • All maintenance, repair, insurance, taxes, tires, eliminating the risk of operational expenses are fixed costs off-budget items in the rental fee.

Operational Benefits

  • Business models and the most appropriate tool needs / services packaging alternatives, with the advice of professional experts determined,
  • You do not need an additional investment in human resources for monitoring and management of vehicles,
  • Widespread across the country contracted services will be uninterrupted service in the high brand standards,
  • Maintenance, repair, accident, factors affecting the continuity of activities such as roadside assistance, managed by professionals and uninterrupted operation is provided,
  • Rental vehicles procured under the time, until all bureaucratic procedures to the date of termination of the contract and documents is carried out by specialized teams monitoring,
  • CDW insurance, such as obligations undertaken by MTV operational fleet rental company,
  • Equivalent vehicle in all conditions and with the support of the activities everywhere continuity is provided,
  • At the end of the service period of the vehicle does not need to deal with second-hand assessment.